National Pump Company, LLC


Our Glendale, Arizona, pump test facility, is capable of handling test flows up to 14,000 gpm (3100 m3/h) with heads up to 1664 ft. (500m) and motors up to 500 HP (370 kW). Movement and set-up of equipment is accomplished with an overhead crane with lift capabilities up to 5 tons.
The flow is controlled via motorized gate valves and discharged at the opposite end of the sump. Air release lines are utilized to ensure that all the air is evacuated from the system during testing.

The standard procedure includes performance testing of pump bowl assemblies with calibrated lab motors. Testing with fully assembled units and customer drivers is also available. Testing is conducted in accordance with Hydraulic Institute Standards, API 610, our internal test procedures and/or any contract specified requirements.

Test capacities of up to 14,000 gpm (3100 m3/h) are possible through a 12" (30 cm) and a 4” (10 cm) calibrated magnetic flow meters. Pressure is measured by calibrated pressure gages. The system is designed to accommodate working pressures up to 725 psig (5000 kPa) through the magnetic flow meters. Power measurement is accomplished via calibrated wattmeter.

The water used in our facility is continuously filtered for contaminants. Data is comprehensively analyzed utilizing a custom computer spreadsheet program, which incorporates all hydraulic, mechanical and electrical losses for the unit being tested.