Marine Market

Marine Market

National Pump’s marine division, Bayou City Pump, manufactures vertical turbine pumping systems and specializes in marine pump repair for the inland and coastal marine liquid petroleum and chemical transportation market.  

Bayou City Pump began in 1973 in Houston, Texas as a marine pump repair business and manufacturer of vertical turbine barge pumps. In 2014, National Pump Company purchased Bayou City Pump, providing National Pump the capability to expand into the Marine Market. The mission that shaped Bayou City Pump still exists today, “to provide superior, cost-effective value for the customer through pumping systems, repairing and refurbishing services and highly-qualified machining.”


Our series of vertical turbine barge pumps and peripheral equipment are designed for all liquid applications on inland and sea-going barge vessels and work in hydrocarbon applications including distillates, a wide variety of chemical applications and as a ballast control pump for sea-going barges.


Our marine division is a leader in repairing and refurbishing services for many of the major barge transportation companies operating in the United States. We have the expertise to repair and refurbish all brands of industrial pumping systems, specializing in marine, petrochemical, midstream and upstream oil and gas, public utilities and facilities. We are capable of providing a quick turnaround on repairs and we are equipped with a full service, heavy industrial machine shop that is available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

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