Vertical Turbine Barge

Vertical Turbine Barge

Vertical Turbine BargeDesigned specifically for liquid barge transfer operations, the NPC marine series vertical turbine barge pumps and peripheral equipment provides highly efficient operation to minimize barge-unloading times. The pumps are designed for all liquid applications on inland and sea-going barge vessels.

Applications Include:

  • Liquid hydrocarbons, including distillates
  • Wide variety of chemical applications
  • Ballast control pump for sea-going barges

Features Include:

  • Multi-stage design to meet a wide variety of flow and head requirements
  • Stuffing box (packed) with bleed-off
  • Mechanical seal with over bearing adaptor (OBA) for maximum protection of sealing area
  • Self-priming stripper stage with bypass of air and vapors
  • Semi-open impeller design
  • Custom designed discharge head, improves onsite servicing of pump seal and hydraulics
  • Contained leakage from stuffing box or mechanical seal.
  • 120 PSI, typical operating pressure
  • 8 and 10 inch discharge flanges
  • Flows to 4,700 GPM

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