304 and 316 Stainless Steel Impellers Now From Stock

July 28, 2017

National Pump Company has developed new impeller patterns specifically to pour 300 series stainless steel impellers, which now provide the same high performance and efficiency as our bronze designs. With fourteen (14) models to choose from, they are available from inventory for a quick turnaround. Flow ranges are from 200 GPM to 3,200 GPM at 1800 rpm. Larger models are available on request.

To select a pump, go to our PumpFLO selector, and choose the “304SS.IMP_MATL” pump type.


Available Now
Model Material
M6HC 304SS
M8MC 316SS
K10LC 316SS
K10MC 316SS
K10HC 316SS
J11LC 316SS
J11MC 304SS
J11HC 304SS
K12HC 304SS
M14MC 316SS
M14HC 316SS
H14LC 316SS
H14MC 316SS