Looking for NSF Certified Pumps?

June 26, 2017

National Pump has what you’re looking for!  When NSF /ANSI 61-G certified product is required on your project, we will proudly display the NSF emblem on the pump bowl assembly nameplate. This NSF nameplate is confirmation that through testing, your National Pump meets and exceeds the safety standards set forth by the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act and the National Sanitation Federation International (NSF). NSF is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit public health and environmental organization that serves the public globally, by testing products for health and safety.

NSF / ANSI 61-G means that your National Pump, manufactured with our standard materials, meets the strict industry standards without the risk of contaminants leaching into your drinking water. Our pumps have also been tested to NSF 372 to insure that they are certified to meet the 0.25% lead-free requirements.

Our NSF / ANSI 61-G standard materials of construction includes Cast Iron or Ductile Iron Bowls, with Silicon Bronze C876 Impellers. On projects where alternative impeller materials are specified such as Aluminum Bronze or Nickel Aluminum Bronze, consideration should be given to offer Stainless Steel Impellers. Stainless is deemed an acceptable material substitution under the standard, making the pump NSF compliant. National Pump offers 304 stainless steel & 316 stainless steel impeller options for 6″ – 30″ pumps. Inventory is available for quick shipments on selected models. Please call your factory branch for further information.