WATER REUSE through Aquifer Storage Recovery (ASR)

October 12, 2017

In times of need, ASR wells are designed to inject and recover reclaimed water into shallow aquifers for underground storage purposes. National Pump Company (NPC) has worked on various ASR projects to provide well pumps with the testing, designs, and capabilities needed to inject and/or recover water as needed. Below are various Arizona projects that NPC has been proud to participate in, working with our customer partners.

NPC has performed extensive FLOW and REVERSE FLOW testing in its Lubbock, Texas facility to optimize recharge flows into the wells without developing air entrainment into the well, damaging the formation.

City of Phoenix, Wells 299, 300, Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant (CCWRP)

– NPC supplied Qty. 3 – American Turbine Pumps for the following projects:

  • Phoenix Well #299 – Model 14M270 -10 stage, 2300 GPM @ 800′ TDH, 780′ setting, with 600 HP motor
  • Phoenix Well #300 – Model 10L30 – 22 stage, 400 GPM @ 1061′ TDH, 1020′ setting, with a 200 HP motor
  • Cave Creek ASR Well #1- Model 15M180 – 5 stage, 1500 GPM @ 503′ TDH, 502′ setting, with a 300 HP motor

Each ASR pump was designed to accommodate a defined recharge capacity by back flowing water directly through the pump. To determine the correct pressure drop requirements, NPC engineers worked with the client to perform pump performance and back flow regression testing to determine the best hydraulic fit for both pumping and reverse flow testing.

City of Chandler, Ocotillo Recharge Facility – ASR Wells #7, #8, #9, #10

NPC supplied Qty. 4 – Model M14MC – 2 stage 100 HP well pumps set at 255′, to provide 1500 GPM of pumping capacity. Each ASR well is also designed to accommodate a recharge capacity of 1,500 GPM through a Baski Flow Control Valve (FCV) which allows the flexibility to test and monitor the recharge capacity under various flow scenarios.

For more information about Chandler’s ASR facilities, refer to the  AZ Water Association Kachina News articles below:

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